Blue Macaw
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Meet the Folk Orchestra!

Christopher Busietta Christopher Busietta
Vocals / Guitar / Percussion
Born: Melbourne, Australia

One of the rising stars from the Australian opera scene, lyric tenor Christopher Busietta can now be found singing on the opera stages in Germany, currently as a full-time tenor soloist with Theater Augsburg.
As Blue Macaw, he composes and records his own folk, rock, electronic and classical music. He has released one album, The Shadows, and is currently working on two follow-up albums. Opera Bio | Rock Bio.

Favourite Color: Blue.
Favourite Song to Play with Blue Macaw: The Pirate Sea Shanty.
5 Things I Like: Writing, Movies, Cooking, Walking and meeting passionate people.
5 Favourite Classical Composers: W.A. Mozart, Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Tchaikovsky & Verdi.
5 Favourite Songwriters/Bands: Alice in Chains, Jeff Buckley, Nine Inch Nails, Faith No More, The Tea Party.

Lou Paquin

Lou Paquin
Bassoon / Recorder / Percussion / Vocals
Born: Montreal, Canada

After completing a Bachelor of Music in Performance at Montréal's McGill University, Lou Paquin continued her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin and is currently studying for a Master of Music with Prof. Karsten Nagel at the Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum in Augsburg.
While in Augsburg, she played for three years as Assistant Principal Bassoon on a contract with the Augsburg Philharmonic Orchestra and has also played with several professional orchestras, both in Canada and Germany.
Next season, she will be on trial at the Jönköpings Sinfonietta (Sweden) for a permanent position as Principal Bassoon. Full Bio.

Favourite Color: as many as possible!! Ok, maybe red.
Favourite Song to Play with Blue Macaw: Tale of Three Cities.
5 Things I like: Drawing, Cooking, Eating, Walking, Sleeping.
5 Favourite Classical Composers: Mozart, Ravel, Debussy, Bach, Stravinski.
5 Favourite Songwriters/Bands: The Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel, Patrick Watson, The Cat Empire, Bob Dylan.

Mehmet Ali Yücel

Mehmet Ali Yücel
Viola / Percussion / Vocals
Born: Izmir, Turkey

Mehmet Ali Yücel is an avid orchestral, chamber music, and crossover violist, teacher and visual artist, and pairs a Turkish background with Western Classical training, resulting in evocative and innovative performances.
He is currently a tenured member of the viola section of the Augsburg Philharmonic in Augsburg, Germany, has played as a substitute with the city orchestras of Ulm, Wuppertal, Bochum, and Göttingen and also with record producer Girisha Fernando. Full Bio.

Favourite Color: Purple.
Favourite Song to Play with Blue Macaw: All!
5 Things I like: Drawing, climbing, parties, melancholy and singing&acting!
5 Favourite Classical Composers: J. S. Bach, Richard Strauss, Alban Berg, Frédéric Chopin, all Renaissance composers!
5 Favourite Songwriters/Bands: Alanis Morissette, Amy Winehouse, Goldfrapp, PJ Harvey, Radiohead.

Geeta Abad

Geeta Abad
Violin / Percussion / Vocals
Born: Monmouth, USA

Geeta Abad has been playing the violin since the age of six. She is a tenured violist of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Augsburg, but continues to work with a variety of orchestras, rock-bands and other diverse ensembles in both Germany and the USA.
She has also studied piano, classical voice, theremin and Indian harmonium.
She is a graduate of the Boston Conservatorium (studying Violin) and has a masters of music from the Hochschule für Musik Detmold, with an emphasis on chamber music and historical performance. Full Bio.

Favourite Color: Blue
Favourite song to play with Blue Macaw: Hurricane
5 things I like: reading, writing, traveling, running, enjoying a drink out with lovely people
5 favourite classical composers: Beethoven, Barber, Mozart, Debussy, Brahms
5 favourite songwriters/bands: Radiohead, Smashing Pumpkins, Beck, Aretha Franklin, Neil Young & Crazy Horse