Blue Macaw
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The Digital Age
Fourth Album The Digital Age.
Ahoy there bird watchers!

Blue Macaw is an alter ego of Chris Busietta - an award winning opera and musical theatre performer from Melbourne, Australia who has thrilled audiences across Australia and Europe.

Driven by an insatiable urge to create music, Blue Macaw spread his wings into a wider range of musical forms and sounds.

The result was a unique mix of folk originals from his intensely dark, progressive/alternative rock debut album The Shadows.

Make no mistake about it. Blue Macaw is an endangered species.

In an era of common rock progressions and synthetic vocal sounds, he combines genuine vocal technique with aggressive guitar playing, strong lyricism and subtle variations.

If you like hearing artists where no two songs are the same, try this virtuoso on for size.

He has played in several bands around Melbourne, including alternative-progressive rock band Myopia, Rodney, The Medicine Men and folk a capella group The Harrison Street Quartet.

He has released four albums - his latest album, The Digital Age, is now available for stream and purchase from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon (also as an MP3 download), YouTube and many more.


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